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Днес (Юли 5)

04:30 Dan Tepfer at the EFG London Jazz Fes.
03:30 Trio Joachim Kuhn - Daniel Humair - Bruno Chevillon ? We Re-Remember J.F. ? At Like A Jazz Machine
02:30 Celine Bonacina trio at 'Like a jazz machine' fes.
01:30 Butler, Bernstein & Hot 9 at Jazz en tete
00:40 Jason Moran 'Bandwagon' at Moods
23:00 Mikko Franck cond. Ravel With The Orch. De Paris
21:30 Paavo Jarvi cond. Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich with the Orch. de Paris
21:00 InterMezzo
18:00 Emmanuelle Haim cond. Hippolyte et Aricie by Rameau
17:30 InterMezzo
16:15 David Violi at the Palazetto Bru Zane in Venice
15:00 Fazil Say pl. Mussorgsky, Janacek and Prokofiev in Grenoble
14:40 InterMezzo
12:35 Maxim Vengerov at Salle Gaveau - Paris Mezzo Fes.
10:30 Karine Deshayes and Ludovic Tezier at Gaveau - Paris Mezzo Fes.
07:00 InterMezzo
06:00 InterMezzo

Утре (Юли 6)

04:30 Snarky Puppy at the Stockholm Jazz Fes.
03:30 Dal Saso/Belmondo Big Band - A Love Supreme revisited
02:30 Avi Lebovich Orch. - At Yellow Submarine
01:30 Silvia Perez Cruz at Les Suds A Arles
00:30 Jason Moran / Robert Glasper duet at La Gaite Lyrique / Blue Note Fes.
00:20 InterMezzo
22:45 Ravel, Faure and Dvorak at Fes. Solsberg
21:30 Francois-Frederic Guy at the Saint-Riquier Fes.
20:10 InterMezzo
18:00 Prince Igor by Borodin at the Bolshoi in Moscow
17:20 InterMezzo
16:50 About Magifique ...
15:25 Magifique, ch. By Thierry Malendain.
14:45 One Last Song By Thierry Malandain. Eugenia Theater
14:30 The Spirit Of The Rose By Thierre Malandain. Eugenia Theater
14:15 InterMezzo
12:25 David Zinman cond. Beethoven with the Tonhalle-Orch.
10:30 Lionel Bringuier cond. Salonen, Prokofiev and Berlioz at the Tonhalle in Zurich
07:00 InterMezzo
06:00 InterMezzo

Юли 7

21:30 Renee Fleming sings Capriccio by Richard Strauss at the Met Opera
21:20 InterMezzo
17:30 Valery Gergiev cond. War and Peace by Prokofiev at the Mariinsky Theatre
15:50 Glinka, Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev by the Orch. de Paris and Paavo Jarvi
13:45 Valentina Lisitsa pl. Beethoven, Brahms, Schumann
13:20 InterMezzo
12:55 Valery Gergiev cond. Shostakovich with the Mariinsky Orch.: Piano con.o no. 2
10:30 Grigory Sokolov at the Berlin Phil. : Schubert, Beethoven, Rameau
07:00 InterMezzo
06:00 InterMezzo